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Feuilleté d'asperges
Savoury pasty of asparagus in the butter of anise

As an accompaniment of a Château Crémade Rosé


The shopping for 4 people:

Green asparagus 24  
Purple asparagus 24  
Puff pastry 400  
Butter 300 gr
Shallot 1  
White Wine 10 cl
Fresh cream 20 cl
Chervil 1  
Lemon juice   pm
Pastis   pm
Salt and pepper   pm
Crude Ham (option) 100 gr

Preparation :

1 - Parry and pick asparagus, by taking care of taking fibres away well all on violets.
2 - Cook them fast in the scalding salt water for about 7 minutes (according to size). refresh and keep the value of a glass of cooking water.
3 - Make savoury pasties. Spread out the puff pastry 1/2 centimetre in thickness. Itemise with the aid of a punch of discs 10 cm in diameter. Brown in the yolk, let rest 20 minutes and cook in hot oven 220°C.
4 - Cut the tops of asparagus from 10 to 12 cm length. Cut the rest in fragments and cook in the glass of juice of cooking and fresh cream.
5 - In a saucepan reduce the white wine with the carved shallot. Incorporate by whipping the butter forcefully beforehand cut in pieces at room temperature. Salt, end with a lemon juice. Add a kind of pastis and the carved chervil.
6 - Warm up the tops of asparagus; fill the savoury pasties of asparagus with optionally a chiffonnade of ham.
7 - Draw up the the savoury pasties of asparagus on plate, a sauce cord around tops of asparagus in rosette. Decorate a bit with chervil.



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